TWIL: (this week I learned)

Wow, I’ve learned so many things this week.

  • How to create a git repository using files from multiple subdirectories. (Usually, they have to be in the same one.)
  • How how to create branches in repositories in order to test my changes so I won’t clobber my files. (I used to just break shit and then have to rebuild it.)
  • How to rollback a branch when I’ve done something stupid. (Which anybody who knows me knows I do a lot.)
  • How to merge my branches with my master repo on the off-chance that I actually did it right.

Git is the shit

Git is the shit so says the Gimp

The train wreck continues

This is what happens when an OS gets too big for even a large company to maintain.

Gee, What license do I have?

Gee, What license do I have? Oh yeah, I have the GPL this silly shit doesn’t happen to me.

Windows goes home

Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo

Ubuntu Disco Dingo

That ugly feeling

Just got that ugly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realize that due to a configuration error on your part you haven’t had a backup of your data in over a month.

And the backup you’re currently doing is taking forever.

Just tried wave box

Just installed and configured wavebox what a cool application all my online accounts in one place one time.

TIL: How to open individual Facebook notifications in separate browser tabs.

Since I don’t get on Facebook every day like I used to, I got way behind on reading Facebook posts.

So I found a real quick way to stay updated.

All you need to do is open each notification in its own browser tab.

Simply left click on the notifications icon and when the notifications list appears simply hold down the control key and left click on each notification. This will open each notification in its own browser tab.

Now you can click on each tab to view it and when you’re done simply close the tab.

This works in both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Hope this helps.

8-2-18: Note to self

Dear silly Gimp,

You can’t remote into an x11 server if x11 isn’t running!

Dinner at Arthur’s

Who’s up for dinner at Arthurs Bistro on the Green. We’re thinking about going up around 6pm!

Arthurs Bistro on the Green