Why is retirement different?


It occurred to me this morning as I got up at 5 o’clock for no real reason but I could never have gotten up at 5 o’clock when I was working at least not without considerable effort.

It was wonderful though interesting how retirement changes you.


All the poor people still trapped in the Matrix

I just got an ad from Newegg for Symantec’s Norton Internet Security and I felt a great sadness for all the people who are still trapped in the Matrix and believe they can’t live without Windows and Office.

Just ordered the OnePlus 3T – I can’t wait

I just ordered the OnePlus 3T and I can’t wait to get it. 2GB more memory, 4MP more on the back camera, 8MP more on the front camera. The camera hardware (Sensors and Lens) isn’t as good, but it’s $200.00 cheaper than the Pixel. Since I had to buy all new accessories this was a good fit for me.


People need to get over themselves

I’m so glad I was born in the late fifties and grew up in the early sixties and seventies. I was very fortunate to have a family and friends who didn’t see my disability as something that gave me some form of entitlement.

I survived growing up making fun of my disability. I’m fairly certain that if I was growing up today the type of comments I made back then would be completely unacceptable today.

Someone would be offended and would tell me that I shouldn’t talk that way about myself.

I read Facebook posts today where someone got very offended because the other person was using sarcasm that offended their sensibilities.

There doesn’t seem to be any kind of comment that’s intended as a joke by the person posting,  where someone from our liberal politically correct culture doesn’t get offended.