In case you missed it it’s 2017! or fedup Ex IT guy

I’ve been using technology since 1976 that’s right it’s the year I graduated high school. I started using a teletype to write and run Basics programs in my high school’s computer room.

In the late seventies and early eighties I discovered bulletin board systems. Those systems allow me to connect via telnet to University databases send commands and have the results sent back as text files which I could download to my PC.

These days we use browsers to do the same basic things, it lets people with no PC experience do the same things I used to do with commands.

These days we simply keep all our data on our phones. Of course, this includes things like phone numbers. Over the years I’ve managed to amass 778 phone numbers. I’ve never lost a phone number no matter how many times I changed my phone.

This brings me to the point of my post I ordered a new phone for my mom this week when she puts her account info on the phone she will have every one of her phone numbers just like she did on her old phone.

I’m Amazed by the number of people that I see on Facebook who send public messages to their friend’s to have them send their phone number to the person who changed out their phone.

I see repeated complaints that the people at the phone store couldn’t recover their phone numbers for them. I have a message for those people those guys CAN recover your phone numbers they just don’t want too. They would rather service other customers who can up their commissions. You’re just a waste of their time.

The point is, they think you’re stupid! And in their defense they’re right. How is it possible in the year 2017 that you can lose your phone numbers. The reason is computer illiteracy and laziness.

There are countless ways and apps you can use to backup your phone. Phones just don’t die you kind of know ahead of time that it’s going to happen. People are constantly losing or breaking their phones, how is it that something that is so important to some people is so mistreated? So just back your phone up ahead of time, how hard is that?

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