FB Exile day 2

Until recently I had forgotten just how wonderful things were in 2006. Back in the day when you created something and it was your creation.

People were able to see humor for what it was. It wasn’t fact-checked, it wasn’t criticized, it’s just what it was.

Context has become meaningless, minuscule facts are all that matter anymore.

So what’s this rant that no one else is ever going to see about?

It’s about Facebook that fucking cesspool of humanity where your so-called friends correct you at every turn.

These douchebags that never created an original meme of their own because they don’t possess the skill to get beyond the like and share button.

And then there are those wonderful folks who want to point out that your post is fake.

Of course, it’s fake, it’s a joke you dumbass. Can you show the entire world what a fool you are because you don’t know it’s a joke?

I feel better now. I’m here in my rubber room on the interweb. Safe and sound from the fools on the other side of the door. I can scream as loud as I want and no one will hear me.

My facebook exile continues on to day 3 and more happiness.


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