Just ordered the OnePlus 3T – I can’t wait

I just ordered the OnePlus 3T and I can’t wait to get it. 2GB more memory, 4MP more on the back camera, 8MP more on the front camera. The camera hardware (Sensors and Lens) isn’t as good, but it’s $200.00 cheaper than the Pixel. Since I had to buy all new accessories this was a good fit for me.


I got it!!!


People need to get over themselves

I’m so glad I was born in the late fifties and grew up in the early sixties and seventies. I was very fortunate to have a family and friends who didn’t see my disability as something that gave me some form of entitlement.

I survived growing up making fun of my disability. I’m fairly certain that if I was growing up today the type of comments I made back then would be completely unacceptable today.

Someone would be offended and would tell me that I shouldn’t talk that way about myself.

I read Facebook posts today where someone got very offended because the other person was using sarcasm that offended their sensibilities.

There doesn’t seem to be any kind of comment that’s intended as a joke by the person posting,  where someone from our liberal politically correct culture doesn’t get offended.

Why use Linux

Why use Linux?


My Job Is To Tell White People When To Shut Their Mouths

My Job Is To Tell White People When To Shut Their Mouths


Ashley Judd’s Women’s March Rant

Apparently, when Ashley Judd is speaking it’s considered free speech. When it’s being directed at her or she doesn’t agree with it, it’s hate speech.
I can’t believe the number of Pro-life women who were at the March this past weekend too.



I love Digital Ocean

I love Digital Ocean.

Every time I log in I find something new. Yesterday I created a new Minecraft server for Nicholas and found out when he’s not using it I can create a snapshot and delete the droplet so I’m only paying for it when he wants to use it. When it’s not online it’s costing me $0.20 a month. I know a lot of people think AWS is great, and it has a lot of features, but it’s way more complicated than Digitalocean.


“Never Trump” Republicans wonder why they can’t get a job at the White House

“Never Trump” Republicans wonder why they can’t get a job at the White House


Congratulations President Trump

Congratulations @POTUS President Trump!

Added the Jetback plugin to WordPress

Just added the Jetback plugin to WordPress let’s see if it works?